About DJ Bee Entertainments


Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, but so many people book A DJ that they've never heard before or, worse still, that they've never even met before the big day!


I get so much of my business through word of mouth that I find that most people I work with have already seen me. But even if that isn't the case, I always make sure I meet up with you before your big day to get an understanding of who you are and the kind of thing you're looking for. I've been told that that meeting makes such a difference to a couple as it provides one less thing to worry about before their wedding day.

Special Occasions

I have worked at some weird and wonderful parties in my time, from corporate functions, birthday parties for all ages, themed parties, Christmas parties, shop openings and even the odd (very odd!) divorce party.

I'm always happy to meet up with you before your event to discuss what you're looking for. This is especially important if it's a surprise party as we really need to get that big entrance just right! I love to get into the spirit of the occasion to make your guests feel at home.

Kid's parties

This is something I've done a lot more of in recent times. I have a young daughter myself and she helps me keep in tune with what kids are looking for nowadays!

I run parties for key stage one and key stage two kids:

Key Stage One parties

These usually run for between 1.5 hours to 2 hours and feature traditional games like Musical Bumps, Captain's Coming and the Limbo. I try not to make the games overly-competitive, boys v girls usually works quite well as it tends to avoid too many tears! I also like to put the odd twist on the games, so instead of Musical Bumps, we might have Musical Cockroaches or Musical Standing On One Leg Pulling The Silliest Face You Can Think Of!

Key Stage Two Parties

These run for a similar length of time, but tend to be more music-based than game-based, so there are lots of requests, lots of dance-move songs (Macarena, the Conga, Gangnam Style etc) and lots of chart music to keep me young!

School Parties

I also run end of term parties for schools, again for both Key Stage One and Key Stage Two children.

I have performed at hundreds of parties and events and the one thing I can say is that every single one is different. So I would be happy to discuss with you any special requirements that would make your event that extra bit special.

I pride myself on being professional at all times and treating you and your guests with the utmost respect. I enjoy creating a rapport with you and your guests and I always welcome song requests. I bring about 7,000 songs with me, although in these days of broadband, a wi-fi connection means my library can be extended even further!